2 minute penalty for being delicious

There are very few rules I tend to stick with when I write on here. The number one golden rule is no picture of Lushie (only if approved) unless I want to die. She’d rather stay off this thing and I can respect that. Well unless she wants to rant.

Last night the 2 of us were invited by the Pens to have Christmas photos taken on the ice at Mellon Arena. Yet another reason why they treat their season ticket holders better than any other sports team in the city. We started with a picture on the Zamboni followed by the goal on the south end, penalty box, players bench and finally the moment of truth… center ice.

I have to admit that actually standing at center ice and not just where it may or may not be because of flooring was pretty freakin cool. I had chills. This was like stepping up to home plate at PNC Park. I had to take a moment to reach down, touch the ice with my hands and absorb the moment. I’ve played hockey and even curled for a bit so I know what it’s like to be on ice but when it’s the one of the team you love, it’s special.

We have a nice collection of pictures that the Pens have given us a chance to make into greeting cards. The one above is from my camera phone so trust me when I say the quality is hella better. We’re probably going to have some made for family once Lushie finds the one she likes. After that I may post them online.

Tonight is Pens vs Flyers at the Mellon Arena. Drew is probably already drinking in Philly to numb the pain of the impending doom. After the comeback in Detroit is there really any question?