Neighborhood Walk – 11/11/08

The Neighborhood Walk is a chance to recognize the place you live, work, or call home — and to introduce it to the world.

On November 11, 2008 (11/11/2008), bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, photobloggers and others are invited to take a walk around their neighborhood, make media about it — a blog post, photo gallery, video, or whatever you prefer — and post it on the web.

Unfortunately with my work and school schedules I haven’t been able to go around my neighborhood and snap pictures for this. I’ve moved many times since I first came to Pittsburgh in 1998. Main reason for frequent moving was that I wanted to learn the city before we finally made a decision on where to settle down. Family joke is that my brother would always say on trips to Erie from Pittsburgh “My family probably moved and didn’t tell me.” I think one time we might have actually done that.

Instead of touring my neighborhood I thought I’d talk about my old neighborhoods as I’ve been cursed with always having the weird guy living next door. Here are my top 2 neighborhoods.

Erie, PA – I lived on E 6th St with Lushie for a year. She had this old guy Rufus who lived next door and would go out at 4am every morning in the winter and start his beat up truck. It would run for 2 hours (complete with backfire) and then turn it off. He never drove it, just ran it. It was also right outside our bedroom window. In the backyard was this old bar which we were told was from Erie’s first mayor and considered a historical landmark. All it did was house bats which frequently would fly into our windows at night.

Oakland, PA – Everyone who knew me back then remembers VICTORIO! If you lived in Oakland during the late 90’s/early 00’s you may know him as the homeless looking dirty old man who hung out at Krausers. He actually lived next door to me on Parkview Ave. He would come over every day and say “your mudder farking pipes are leaking into my farking basement”. Kinda like Roman Moroni from Johnny Dangerously. Griff loved the guy and after a box of wine we’d go over and talk to Victorio about why he thinks he’s in Italy and listen to him bitch about the neighbors.

One night while chilling on my porch he came over and said he smelled gas at his place. I went in, praying to God he wasn’t going to hack me into pieces, and called Griff on my phone to make sure I wouldn’t die. All he had was plastic grocery bags stacked to the ceiling, a couch and a table. I searched around and found out that his stove was on but not lighting. Let the place air out and then fixed it for him. As I left he said “Kevin, you mudderfarker… You’re alright.” Kevin was the name of the guy who owned the house I was renting.

I dont know if he’s still alive or not but he was a character. I have a picture of Victorio somewhere on disk that I’ll have to find it.

What makes up a great neighborhood are the people who live there. I’ve lived in some really nice neighborhoods but the most enjoyable have been with the memorable neighbors that make it unique. I’ve missed each place and have thought about moving back again to each of the areas but we’re pretty relaxed where we live now.

Well, until we move again.  May have to give the west a shot 🙂