This is YOUR vote, speak your mind

I hate politics around election times. People who we look to for guidance are busy with name calling, trashy ads and lies. Most of the supporters have become extremists. Ripping down signs of their candidates opponent as if that would make a difference. Spray painting X’s over signs and posters. Throwing blocks through the offices of the opponent. Why? What does this prove? It shows to me that you’re all fucking nuts. This is as bad as those nut jobs who go around trying to “shock you” into seeing reality.  We do see it and most of the time we ignore you. The mainstream media is obviously biased, we all know that, but I hope that your vote is for who YOU believe in. Not what your friends, family or co-workers tell you to do.

If my dad was still alive he’d probably be jacked that I’m voting outside my party on a few things but he’d be happy because I’m voting. When I went to vote for the first time in Erie I remember how proud he was and told all of the people working “this is my son, he’s voting for the first time.” Yeah it was embarrassing as hell but he was proud. He was a union guy so you always vote no matter what.

Feel confident and proud in your vote and also be educated about why you’re doing it. This is what makes America great.