Daylight Savings Time with Grandpa George

My grandfather passed away in 1989 at the age of 89 when I was 13. I realized years later there was so much more I could have learned from him but when you are 13 you’re starting the teenage angst. He taught me that those damn rabbits eating his garden needed to be chased away with a shot to the ass with his b b gun. Rumor had it he could also find water with a stick though I never saw this. Lawrence Welk was a pimp and never let age be a factor. A few days before he passed he bowled a 206.

One thing I still do to this day which I picked up from him was a DST tradition. Every time we turn the clocks back or forward you have to stay up until 2 am to do so.  Why did he do this? Eh who knows but we never questioned it. After a while clocks were doing it themselves but since G.W. screwed with the date not all appliances do it correctly. He’d say we are lazy for having a machine do it, I say most of us need sleep. When we have kids I know that I’ll pass this onto them and tell stories of their great grandfather’s skills.

Last night at 2am I raised a pint for gramps and changed all of the clocks in our house.

Cheers Gramps!