Still here somewhere

I think I’m the only person who hasn’t posted a Podcamp Pittsburgh recap yet. Still debating if I will. All last week I was fighting the flu and this week started the project from hell at work. I have no free time and that I do find is spent doing homework. Also been busy pimping Should I Drink That for the Podcast Awards on shows and interviews plus other things going on. I’m taking this weekend to myself so if I owe you something remind me before 4pm Friday EST. There’s a certain 1.5yr old wants to show her Doug her princess Halloween costume.

Oh yeah, new Hump Day Happiness is posted on the new website.

Fighting the flu

It’s like the commercial where the mom is in the doctor’s office trying to schedule the flu for her kids. The one time I really need to be at work and the flu bug bites me in the rear. I’m on a huge project at work and as I finished yet another conference call yesterday morning I get back to my desk and feel light headed. Without missing a beat along came it’s friends sore throat, fever and sinuses. By lunch I was packing my bag and heading home.

The plus side is that I have the ability to work from home if needed. Last night after 12 hours of sleep I woke up and have been working online since in the comforts of my pj’s. I honestly think I get more work done this way but that may grow old fast. I don’t have anyone bugging me with visits because they have no work to do or feel the need for general annoyances. I wouldn’t want to do this all of the time because I need some human interaction once in awhile but it would help with that whole “green” kick everyone is one. I’m hoping my voice comes back by tomorrow since I have, that’s right more calls.

So here I am working on a presentation and spreadsheets in my PJ’s while listening to the smooth sounds of Eddie Vedder in concert from Italy. Now if I could find some decent chicken soup!

BTW, Podcamp pictures and a review will be coming shortly.

Hump Day Happiness 23 – Southampton Pumpkin Ale

Last year I had the first ever pumpkin beer that I enjoyed every drink of. Since then I swore it was the Southampton Pumpkin Ale and guess what, I was way off. When I drink a pumpkin beer I like the taste of pumpkin roll. Pumpkin beers are made of either real pumpkins or pumpkin spices. Very noticeable difference if you put the 2 side by side. Trying to keep in the spirit of the season my next few reviews will be pumpkin beers. This is also the last HDH on this domain. I opened my trap about the new HDH domain and now it’s coming up on a local distribution list.  Basically I have to get the site done. Motivation baby! You will see my new format for reviewing also.  Excited eh?

The Beer
Past on past experiences with pumpkin beer I can usually count on one thing. Over spiced. Southampton while having a noticeable amount of nutmeg upfront and cinnamon in the back, it wasn’t an overkill mount. The nose on it was a little rough as it sparked memories of a spice bomb. I was actually pleased with the selection this year but as a bomber bottle (22oz) you really need to make a commitment to drinking once you open it. It was average but very drinkable. The head didn’t hang out very long as about 2 fingers worth was gone from the time I placed it down and picked up my camera.

Spoon’s rating: C+