Why do you keep on doing this?

I don’t know why this irritates me so much but last night while watching pre-game coverage of the Steelers game I finally had enough and Lushie said I should blog about it.

Sports fans of this country, when you attend a sporting event that is televised, please STOP going behind the on air talent while talking on your cell phone and…

  • waving – we see you and yes you’re on the phone.  Do i see you now? yes because you’re the only one doing it. Along with that guy, that guy and oh THAT guy. If you do it for more than 10 seconds you deserve to be sacked. Even more annoying are the people behind home plate at baseball games who do this ALL GAME LONG. Subcategory would be the people at events that call someone else and say “Can you see me now? I’m over here! over here! no, over HERE!” all freaking game.
  • tugging your jersey – We get you’re proud of your team but if you’re at a home game and the channel you’re on is local YOU’RE NOT ALONE! You’re not making a message besides possibly you smell and need to air out. Same thing with the guy who holds up a terrible towel. You’re in Pittsburgh, we are all given one at birth. Go do that to a Baltimore guy.
  • drive by screamer – Usually some drunk guy walks past the TV and starts a chant or a train WOOOO WOOOOOOOOO! YEAAAAAAAH!  Happened a few times last night

Look, I’m all for having a good time at a game but this has been something that’s been building up over time (mostly from watching Pirates games) so please, keep that in mind when the studio lights come on. Hey maybe this is the only chance you’ll ever get to be on TV so why not make it a good one besides calling up Johnny’s brother Buddy down at the VFW to check if he sees you… talking on the phone… to him.

This should be a rant for SIDT…