Friday 5 – Podcamp Pittsburgh edition

I’m not into writing the whole Friday 5 thing but I do enjoy reading those of my friends. Dawn suggested a brief 3 question one for the upcoming Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 and since I can’t resist anything podcamp related (and love when The Papuga pushes me around)  here is my PCPGH3 List:

  1. What brought you to Social Media and what keeps you hanging around?
    I’ve been involved with social media (who remembers Text America when it was free and fun!) as a fan for years but it wasn’t until 2006 when “Should I Drink That?” started up and I was sucked into becoming a steady media creator. I have been making media since high school but nothing on a regular basis until SIDT took shape. I stick around because I love creating content which people all over the world are downloading and it allows me to develop my creative side without any restrictions besides what I put on myself. The ability for instant feedback has been a huge plus also for me when it comes to writing and recording new shows. I have to give props to the new/social media community in Pittsburgh which has become a great group of friends to me. We’re one big dysfunctional, sexy and usually intoxicated family. I wouldn’t expect Yinz Team to be any other gloriuos way 🙂

  2. Which social networking tool gives you the shakes when it’s not updated or is experiencing down time? (Podcasts, Blogs, Micro-blogging, etc)
    I’ve grown away from Twitter but still use it and Plurk is just there to give everyone OCD who doesn’t already have it. The one thing I couldn’t live without is my gmail. I’m checking email constantly on my phone. Gmail is my crack. I could probably live without blogging for awhile… like a weekend.

  3. What kind of insight could you offer to others on a topic at PCPGH3? If none, then what do you most want to hear more about?
    Want to start a vid/podcast on a very limited budget and worried about the rimjob state of our economy? Join me at the 2pm session in the Hub with the Wrestling Mayhem Show and Should I Drink That guys. We’ll show you how to make a good show for dirt cheap. Bring us free beer though. We get thirsty by 2.

    Stay for the afterparty. It’s where legends are made!

Want to know more about Podcamp Pittsburgh 3, the schedule and what to expect? Go to the Official Podcamp Pittsburgh website!