Won a major award that’s not a leg lamp

I’ve been at my company for 10 years this December and over that time I’ve received many certificates for good work and yada yada yada but this is the first piece of hardware that I’ve come home with.  It’s the Operational Excellence – Spirit of Doing Things Better award. I received this for a video I created for an IPTV demo that was going to be aired at a company fair. I had 3 days to get it done from the time I was asked. I filmed over 2 days and stayed up a total of 38 straight hours to have it shot, edited and finalized. everyone loved it that morning and I loved my bed when I finally got home. This is the type of work I wish I could do more of but with a better timetable of course. Special thanks to sickpuppy for helping me out when my machine tanked in the editing process and feeding me Great Lakes products to keep me awake. Now maybe I can get the company to purchase some decent equipment that wasn’t made in the 90’s.

I can’t go into the writeup that was sent out since it’s for internal purposes only but I thought I’d share this news because it’s cool and hey, it’s my blog 🙂