Hump Day Happiness +1 – Steel City Big Pour 2008

I know, it’s not hump day so I had to add one but for good reason! Today we released the audio and pictures from the Steel City Big Pour which took place last weekend. Over in this space I’m going to give you a recap that you won’t hear on SIDT.

Download SIDT EP44 | Photo gallery from the 08 Big Pour

This was the second edition of the SCBP and once again the organizers put together the best event of the year. I know that you hear that from me a lot about festivals but all around experience this is the place to be. Not only were there over 20 brewers but also local restaurants joined in. I had the chance to sample foods from establishments that I either hadn’t heard of or is “on the other side of the world”, leaving me to eat closer to home. Sounds off the wall coming from a guy that will drive 45 minutes for a Red Onion sub in Bethel Park.

I’m not a fan of muscles but I had 5-10 on the half shell and loved every single one. Vegan foods has always been cardboard to my taste  but a couple of these new dishes appealed to me. (note: see I’d mention names. If you don’t offer business cards or handouts, I wont rememebr you).

If you didn’t order your tickets early enough then you weren’t getting in. Both sessions sold out faster than a Hannah Montana concert and I was one of those screaming fans with a golden ticket. Brewers are my rockstars. I stayed for both sessions and sampled many, many, many *hiccup* many beverages over the course of 6 hours and even witnessed both special tapings of East End Brewing’s treats. (want the details on the beer, listen to the show).

One of the memorable moments came in Session 1 when the hype behind a custom made tap handle that was being poured at the event almost fell through. Mother nature started to rain down on the metal workers and time was running out. Brian Sprague (Sprague Farms), who happens to be and excellent wood carver, stepped up and within 5-10 minutes had a custom made tap all ready for Scott. Crisis averted and beer flowed.

The only downside to the day for me was the weather. Host company Construction Junction held the event,as with last year’s, in a warehouse. Typically this isn’t bad because there is air flow however, it would rain, warm up, rain, cool down, rain, warm up to give us some ungodly humidity. I felt like an old man by the end of the day with sore feet and lower back.  One thing I’ve noticed at all of the festivals I’ve attended is that the beer geeks and fans tend to come to the early session while the drunks, rookies and 2 beer drunken ladies come to the second. It’s just a fact of beer fest life. We stayed for both so I guess that makes us…

Overall my favorite beer of the day was the Stone Levitation which was on tap for the first time ever in PA and will not be seen again unless a special occasion.

Next year make it a point to get your tickets early for this event. $30 gets you great food, incredible craft beer and a buffet of artsy eye candy. Something about a woman throwing around a chain saw that gets your blood movin.