Day 2 with no Electric Boogaloo

That would be the oil lamp lit in our bathroom this morning around 5am. Heading into night #2 without power we found that every perishable item in the fridge and freezer needs to be replaced. I still haven’t turned on the grill to see if that’s functional but I have high hopes.

Last night we went out to dinner since our stove is electric and actually came up rather disappointed in the Chinese buffet place. We usually have pretty good meals at Dynasty International but the Lo-mien was chewy, the chicken seemed tough and the fried items seemed over cooked. Not to mention the price went up. There can only be one reason for this change.  Mike Seate. He tries to ruin everying good with this world.

After a few games of cards and the light too dim to read with we decided to go to bed… at 8:30pm. A first for me since probably grade school. We woke up around 3:30am and thought it was 6 until I finally knocked over my cell phone to read the time. Managed to get 2 more hours in before I said the heck with it and got ready for work.

Fingers crossed for power to be on tonight. Lushie needs her Big Brother fix and I’m itchin for net access at home. Almost went into shakes without my social networking last night 🙂