BOOM BOOM! Out go the lights!

Apparently the Steelers won last night. I wouldn’t know. Half way through the 2nd quarter my power went *poof* was was gone. Myself and 140,000 other people around the area lost power as the winds from Hurricane Ike beat down on PA. Lushie and I were actually fine with this as we pulled out a deck of cards and played for awhile until the last of the central air went bye bye.

Winds in our area were hitting 80MPH. The grill I have took a ride (it’s rather larger so you can imagine the force), we lost a few tables and that was about it. We had no idea the storm was even approaching until it hit in full force. Trees were falling down, neighbors lawn furniture was being tossed as far as a block away and the rocket scientists that live around me thought it would be smart to let their kids play outside. Yup, while the wind was at it’s peak we saw little johnny trying to ride a scooter down the street.  Little Johnny didn’t make it very far before a branch almost took off his head. He was OK but his parents could be heard bitching about the wind.  Seriously, MENSA wants to move into my neighborhood.

There is one thing people should invest in and that we swear by.  We bought LED candles. Battery powered and they flicker like real candles. Not only did this help reduce the heat being generated but also seconded as a portable light while walking around. I’ll have to ask Lushie where she got them from.

As of 11:14am the power is still out and now we have to think about all of the lunch meat we bought. The fridge will only stay cold for so long and if it’s not on by the time I go home then I will have an irate wife looking for blood.  As long as my Hop Devil is still cool I’m fine 🙂

Steel City Big Pour 2 update coming this week. Still recovering from the best beer festival ever.