The Pennsylvania Smoking Ban

On September 11th PA started enforcing a statewide smoking ban to the cheers of some and jeers of others. Personally I think the smoking ban is a joke and this post is going to tell you why.

The smoking ban should be the decision of the business owner and not of the government. Until the day comes when cigarettes are illegal the government should have no say in this freedom. The government is not here to spoon feed you healthy decisions it deems fit, it’s to maintain the stability of the state… well try to I guess.

You say you have a right to breath clean air. I say that guy over there has a right to smoke. Why do your rights overpower his? Yes smoking is bad for you but it’s up to each individual person to make that choice. If you don’t want to be around smoke you don’t go to that business. It’s as easy as that. No one should have to change for YOU. It’s the owners decision. It’s the workers decision to work in an environment that has second hand smoke.  If you want to smoke you go to smoking businesses. If you don’t, you go to non-smoking. Why is this so difficult to understand? Oh that’s right, you have the right to go wherever you want. The world doesn’t cater to you so quit trying to force it.  Not everyone can be happy. I’m all for dining in a smoke free establishment but I knowingly make that decision to go someplace which is non smoking. Most restaurants were smoke free before the ban so why not let others make these same educated decisions. Come on, you’re really not going to visit these place you say “I can go to so many more places now.” You never were before hand and you wont start now.

I’ve noticed the most vocal supporters of the smoking ban are the ones who feel entitlement and ironically are over the top supporters of Obama (notice i said not ALL). The causeheads! Those who would rather blame others instead of taking responsibility. How much more of your ass does society have to wipe for you to be happy?

Now here’s the kicker. It’s not a smoking ban in ALL places. Apparently if you’re in a casino or a bar/restaurant with less than 20% food sales you’re invincible to second hand smoke. Again, if you’re going to make a ban on something it needs to be 100% and not half assed.

This is just the start of something more evil coming down. First we’re going to ban smoking and trans fats to see how far we can push it. Next up will be alcohol, obesity and stupidity because all of which are killers right? Don’t forget water because even that in excess will kill ya. You’re annoying and your presence gives me high blood pressure. You should be banned.

I don’t like where this is going.