Pittsburgh Magazine: Best of Pittsburgh shindig

Last night I was invited by my friend Lindsay (cheers to iheartpgh.com for winning Best Blog) to attend Pittsburgh Magazine’s 2008 Best of Pittsburgh party down at Heinz Field. I was allowed to bring 1 guest so I couldn’t leave my partner in crime behind. Sickpuppy came with 🙂

At first we weren’t sure what to expect. Besides Lindsay we weren’t going to know a soul excluding folks that we’ve only heard or seen on air. Cocktails were martinis so I was already loving it while sickpuppy was itching for a beer.  We had our picture taken for PM and had the pleasure of meeting Jim Cunningham from WQED. I’ll admit, we looked out of place at first. Our name tags didn’t have a corporate logo and most probably thought we crashed the party.  We get that a lot as beer guys but we were dressed nice.

Jim made a great first impression on us. Very polite and interested in what we do as podcasters. Very quality gentleman! He was also nice enough to spread the word that Pittsburgh’s beer guys were in attendance which proved beneficial later.

We moved further down the suite for food and beverages which made sickpuppy a happy man as the beer taps were open. Food was fantastic and we enjoyed meeting new people before the ceremony started. Mayor Lukey started things off and was in & out faster than teenager on prom night. Jim and the dynamic duo Dave & Dave then stepped in to announce the winners of the 08 Best in Pittsburgh (on newsstands now).

Following the ceremony we met 3 extraordinary folks. Dave & Dave from Excellent Adventures fame and Sean Brady from Venture Outdoors. Sean and I talked our ears off about craft beer, the styles that interest him and what we can do to make more people aware that there are alternatives. He told us about his hikes, bike rides and hella cool outdoors activites he plans (which may or may not have beverages involved. mmm hmmm). He had us sold to the point that sickpuppy was ready for a trip! Sean’s a great guy (as is his wife!) and look forward to working with him in the future.

I don’t know what more could be said about Dave & Dave. These are the guys who you want to have a drink with, play cards, watch a game, celebrate a bris, honor America, play corn hole with. If you want a great time these are the guys to have with you. We spent a good part of the final hour chatting them up about craft beer and things we like about Pittsburgh and what we think need work (*coff*drink tax*coff*). Many thanks guys and I hope we can work together soon or at least have a beverage!

The night ended as fast as it started and in typical SIDT fashion we were the last ones to leave. Our goodie bags were well stocked with vodka, coupons and misc. items that will take a while to go through. It was an incredible experience which I hope you get to witness someday. So now some thoughts…

  • I respect that there wasn’t Bud/Coors/Miller products on tap but when you’re celebrating the city try to have a few local beverages on tap. Call us, we’ll help you out.
  • Business casual in Pittsburgh means jeans and polo/dress shirt will fly. I love this city!
  • Beer drinkers were exiled to the other side of the room while the wine/spirits bar was right next to the food and stage.
  • Traditional media needs to embrace new media. Most bloggers and podcasters would be happy to work with you to understand this new form of communication. There’s no reason to scoff or look down at us. We’re about promoting Pittsburgh so lets help each other.


sickpuppy                       inside the suite             outside Heinz Field

Flight 93 memorial

Most everyone out there will be writing tributes for 9/11 today. There really isn’t anything I could write that I haven’t said already over the last 7 years on my blogs so instead I’m sharing pictures that I took of the temp Flight 93 memorial on 9/1/03. I’ll never forget watching those buildings wall at work just as I got the video feed to spread around campus.

Photos from Flight 93 Memorial

I was already to vent about the smoking ban which took effect today but really, there are more important things at this moment. I have a more upbeat post coming later today so it’ll be all good.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day 🙂