Taco Bell’s Volcano Taco and a disappointing Burrito Supreme

I ordered one of these on my way through Monroeville before I hit the turnpike Saturday night. It was drive-thru so I don’t have a picture but it did look just like the commercial. Honestly I don’t see the hype. Red taco shell was the only impressive thought while  the taste was like their standard taco with a hot sauce.

1/2 way home on the drive it hit me. My stomach started to burn and I reached for the tums. For the next few hours I was in pain as I think the lava sauce was acid burning away from the inside out. Worst indigestion I’ve ever had from TB.

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To cool it off I also had a Burrito Supreme with me. One bite and I spit it out. The burrito was more like stale pita wrap from a 2 day old Giant Eagle meal AND it was only 1/4 of the way filled! Granted my total bill was $3.61 but come on, Mexican love is always cheap. It was my first Taco Bell meal in awhile and unfortunately the guilty pleasure of mine may now just stay a memory from the glorious meals I had from the 12 & Presque Isle location in Erie.

The only border I’m running to is the kitchen and bathroom where I’m sticking my head to flush this junk out of my system.