you’re not 18 anymore

I’ve played baseball of some form since I was 5 years old (for those keeping score, 27 years). As my 20’s came to an end I finally made the transition to softball shortly after busting up my hand at 3B while playing in NABA. I’ve always played baseball/softball the same way. You dive, you hustle, you get dirty and wounds will heal.

Friday was my company picnic and with it came the tarditional softball games vs the departments. The temps were high 90’s on the field and thankfully a steady supply of water was available. back to back games and 4 hours later I was a mess. After the first game I was already feeling the heat. I went 0-2 and had a couple put outs at 2B. Game 2 proved to be a recap of what I did wth Yinz Team this year. 2-3 and pitched for a complete game win. The moment of the game for me was in the first inning when I made a single into a double. I saw the ball was coming in on me so the natural reaction was to, as I always did in my high school days, slide head first. After a cloud of dirt I stood up safe but covered in dirt while my knee pad slipped down as the infield burned my knee and then it set it… the buddha was hurtin.

My hard outer shell protecting my 6pack abs took a beating. Honestly I never second guessed sliding but now, 2 days later, I’m feeling the effects of that decision. Granted I go to the gym but more conditioning will be needed before I do that again.