Taking an internet vacation

I haven’t taken a vacation longer than 3 days since my honeymoon in 05. I know I said that once before but really I ended up going into work. I’ve taken days off for a 3 day weekend but nothing over an extended period of time. Starting tomorrow I’m finally giving in. Where am I going? Besides seeing some friends, I’ll be at home staying and offline. I’m taking a vacation from the internet (well and work). Normally I’d have my sights set on a beach somewhere but Lushie and I have some things coming up that require my attention so I’m chillin at home.

What I find humorous is that the people who I’ve told I’m taking a vacation all said “heh must be nice!” yet they’re the same people who take 2-3 10 day vacations a year. Me, I’m taking my first in 3 years. Blow me where the pampers is already.

I’ll be around the area (mostly doing house work and some hobbies I picked up) so I will have my cell on me but online I’ll be off unless it’s for schoolwork. No SIDT, no blogging, no IM, not twitter and no plurk. What’s going to suck is the 1000’s of Google Reader entries and emails to answer when I get back.

Have fun kids.  I’m checking out…