Eating Fat Chicks, Meter Maids and Beergaritas- Beer on the Bay recap pt.1 of 2

The long awaited review of the beer fest weekend from July 25-27th is here. This is your belated Humpday Happiness as next week we will be going back to beer reviews.

The Meter Maid
Sickpuppy and I arrived in Erie on Friday afternoon so we could pick up the prizes for our contest winner which included a 1 night stay at the Avalon. The meter I pulled up to had 9 minutes left and we were 1/2 a block away from the hotel. We hurry in check reservations and then run back. The meter maid was in the process of writing me a ticket when I ran up. Told her that we just came in from Pittsburgh, spots in front of the hotel were full and I just had to check reservations. She said “put a quarter in NOW!” She rips up the ticket and with a sneer she says “I’ve had a bitch of a freaking day and want to go home”.  She walked away.

Walk down Memory Lane
Friday night we went to the BrewErie for dinner and a few drinks while reconnecting with our friends there. It’s not everyday that I absolutely rave about food but goddamn you need to see this

That would be the special from the BrewErie. Along with that, and many fine beers was the legendary Beergarita and fresh from the test labs was the Bloody Weizen (1/2 bloody mary, 1/2 wiezen and rimmed with Old Bay).

Sickpuppy has never been to Erie with me before so being the host I thought it only fitting that I take him on a quick tour of some of my old stomping grounds. First stop was The Shaggy Dog (which is now The Dog) where it all began for me in the mid 90’s. I had my first craft beer there. I hustled pool from frat boys there. I made great friends and I still think back fondly. I also haven’t been back since my going away party in 98. The Dog was a walk back in time as very little has changed there. The hole in the ceiling I put is still in the back, the pool tables look the same and the bar is just as I remembered it.

We talked to the bartenders and instantly hit it off. They ran down the history of the place, since I had left, and it seemed like the bar was a goner until current owner Kenny bought it over a year ago. I have to give props to the staff for being top notch to us and treating us to an entertaining evening. If you go there look for Dill, Bryan and Tomy. Tell them SIDT sent ya 🙂  The plans they have for remodeling the bar are similar to what we discussed 10 years ago but I think this group may be able to make it happen. Oh I will be back!

We ate a fat chick and LOVED it!
On our way back to crash for the night I decided there was one more place to stop at to finalize our tour. Jimmy Z’s Time Out Tavern in Wesleyville. My brother and I hold this place near and dear because it’s the only bar open on Thanksgiving and close to our mom’s. Every time we’re both in town for the holiday we HAVE to stop. Drinks are cheap, food is good and the crowd is filled with the same regulars every night (well when we’ve gone) in the same seats.

Sickpuppy was diggin this place as a capper so we had to do the soon to be traditional famous SIDT Flaming Dr. Pepper which you can see on video here from a bar in Pittsburgh. We chat up the bartender for a bit and decide that we need a shirt. We tell him why we’re in town and want something unique to take back.  That’s when we bought this shirt.

Now the kitchen was closed so we couldn’t order one but come on, that’s pretty damn funny.

We left and went to crash and go over notes for the next day which you will read next…

For the full gallery of the weekend click here.

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