Taking an internet vacation

I haven’t taken a vacation longer than 3 days since my honeymoon in 05. I know I said that once before but really I ended up going into work. I’ve taken days off for a 3 day weekend but nothing over an extended period of time. Starting tomorrow I’m finally giving in. Where am I going? Besides seeing some friends, I’ll be at home staying and offline. I’m taking a vacation from the internet (well and work). Normally I’d have my sights set on a beach somewhere but Lushie and I have some things coming up that require my attention so I’m chillin at home.

What I find humorous is that the people who I’ve told I’m taking a vacation all said “heh must be nice!” yet they’re the same people who take 2-3 10 day vacations a year. Me, I’m taking my first in 3 years. Blow me where the pampers is already.

I’ll be around the area (mostly doing house work and some hobbies I picked up) so I will have my cell on me but online I’ll be off unless it’s for schoolwork. No SIDT, no blogging, no IM, not twitter and no plurk. What’s going to suck is the 1000’s of Google Reader entries and emails to answer when I get back.

Have fun kids.  I’m checking out…

Bacn birthday, biker chick and diBella

A year ago today a group of new media folk hanging out in the hallway of Podcamp Pittsburgh 2 coined a phrase to describe email you want, but not right now. That would be Bacn. Since it’s birth, Bacn became one of the top buzz words for 2007 and showed the world how fast, with the power of the internet, a trend not only is created but spreads. Within hours a website was created, flickr was buzzing and finally Wikipedia got in the act.

What I love about Podcamp Pittsburgh is that there is always buffer space for an impromptu session. Sunday was the day this happened for the first ever group discussion of Bacn (which I also was fortunate to be a part of). Here is a quick video I took during the session: Makin Bacn

That’s some hot badass biker chick I saw while driving in Cranberry on my way to the story below. She would kick your ass. Did like the tramp stamp though 🙂

I don’t know what this guy’s deal was but if I was working behind the counter and someone talked to me like he did, barking orders as if the kid was your bitch, you’d have to pry him off the flat grill. I stopped in for my first ever visit to DiBella’s Old Fashioned Submarine Shop on 228. Very clean and friendly place plus they made me a kickass sub which will probably stop me from going to Jersey Mike’s now.

As soon as I walk in all I can hear is this guy. He’s telling the kid how to make the sub to his specifications and apparently he’s catching a flight to the west coast and needs to take this with him. He tells the kid exactly how it’s to be packaged, how much ice to use, yadda yadda yadda. I hear a lot of  “*UGH* not like that!” and “you’re doing it wrong” coming from him.

This is why I will never miss working any form of retail again. People are assholes.

What to do on a bachelor weekend

Most married guys, when faced with a weekend as a bachelor, would most likely go and let out the “Frank the Tank” in all of them. Lushie has been gone since Friday afternoon and I have barely left the house. On top of finals this coming week which I’ve been getting ready for I’ve also been putting in long hours at work on a project to keep things organized. My weekend has been sleeping, studying, watching the Olympics and spending plenty of time for late night tiki chat.

Friday I worked until 6:30pm so a decision was made to start the weekend off right. Made a quick trip to Gamestop to purchase Mortal Kombat: Armageddon and to compliment it, a bottle of Jager. I don’t know about you but Jager is great for a night when you’re throwing a spear through someone’s chest or laying the carnage gauntlet down on some 4 armed sub primal biatch. Using Scorpion while tasting Jager is an adventure and I highly suggest it.

From the pics above there were 2 other things I did. 1) recorded video for Should I Drink That 2) cooked chicken wings.  The video was very difficult as I had to stomach a Chelada. Not just stomach, but chug it. I won’t ruin the upcoming video by going into details but will say that Chelada is Bud Light, clam juice and tomato juice. Apparently it’s big in Latino communities but personally I cant see how anyone with a soul drinks it.

The wings were fun to make. Most know that I’m always working on a new rib or wing sauce so I take advantage of the time I get to play around. Also I bake my wings, not deep fry them. Healthier (yeah I know i still pour sauce on) and I think they stay juicier longer. The sauce was made with buttermilk ranch, honey mustard and horseradish. The horseradish was key as it was homemade from a mom and pop store that I visited while at a foodie convention last year. Oh yeah, I’ll be revisiting this one again. Sheer deliciousness!

Today I’m going to detail Lushie’s car for her, do dishes, vacuum and make sure the house is ready for when she gets back later tonight. I should be working on a couple of sites that I bought recently but really, it’s too damn nice out. I should work on Studio B but I don’t want to spend the day in the basement. I should do a lot of things but I won’t because this is my day and I have a patio, a book and a chair calling my name. And a craft beverage of course.


Free beer, 3 shots of Jameson and a Meatball Omelete – Beer on the Bay recap pt.2 of 2

*Programming note: Humpday happiness will return August 27th*

Saturday we woke up to a picture perfect day. Blue skies, sunny and a nice breeze. All of these along with stellar organization came together for what has been dubbed as the best beer fest of the summer. Erie Brewing, with the help of countless volunteers and staffers Becky, Jim and Bruce, knocked the ball out of the park. Hands down this was one of the best times I’ve ever had at a beer fest of the many I’ve adventured to. We were attending on press passes so we had to make sure we lived up to our names.

*click here for the photo gallery*

Overall we hit 20 brewers before the afternoon session ended. Each brewery was very generous with their time (except Sierra Nevada who said they don’t do interviews. *pttthhh* you’re at a public event, jagoffs). Liberty Park was an incredible place for the event as the horseshoe of brewers opened to a view of Lake Erie.

The memorable moment came when we finally met the winners of our “Trip to Erie for Beer of the Bay”! Emilie was the big winner and as a treat to her boyfriend, The Drunken Polack, drove them 9 hours from Virginia Beach to Erie for the weekend. Great people and it really felt good knowing that someone who appreciates craft beer won the prize.

Also for me it was great to finally meet Tony the Beer Guy. His passion for the craft beer industry is amazing and reminds me why I do the show. He’s towards the end of our show so check him out.

For a full review of the day check out EP41 – Beer on the Bay.

We head to the Avalon to check in for the night and get ready for dinner.  Wouldn’t ya know it, we’re on the same floor as the brewers from the fest.  This is gonna get ugly. More on that later.

We make the 4 block walk from the hotel to the BrewErie for a couple beverages and food. For the next 6 hours my ass stays planted at the bar socializing.  I knew it would happen. When you’re in great company you never wanna leave. Ailyn, Mo, Davin and Chris made sure that we were well taken care of. At one point some of those less experienced intoxicated beer fest stumbled in and we had to keep the peace as guys were throwing themselves over the women working. When Chris’ shift was done he joined us on the other side of the bar for shots of Jameson. yes, shots. you can guess where that lead to… where am I again?

The band for the night was Sting Theory and I have to say that it’s been 7 years since band that I didn’t know was playing in a bar and blew me away. They ended the night with a version of Comfortably Numb that was as good, if not better than Floyd!

The bell rang and it was time to head out of the BrewErie. Closed one place so why not another! We were told that the after party was at Docksider which we promptly made the voyage to.  I had never been there before and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Very cool bar and nice beer selection. Flaming Dr Peppers were ordered while Matt from VooDoo revisited the joys of hanging with SIDT 🙂

Night ended and all were told to go to room 637 which was where the next party was. Apparently no one told the brewers there as we were the ones to break the news upon arrival. Main Street guys treated us to some of their kegs which were chilled in the bathtub by filling our water bottles. The rest of the night is sealed. Maybe some other post.

Sunday we hit one final token of a trip to Erie and had meatball omelets at Dominick’s on E.12th Street. Most locals know this is THE place to go for food either after drinking or the morning after. Meatball might sound foul but trust me that it is the only thing to ease your pain.

The trip was a complete success and Erie Brewing did a fantastic job playing host. I’m all ready for next year to come around!

Evacuations, Noggin and entertaining a 2.5yr old

We watched Bella this past weekend and made sure it was filled with activities to keep a 2.5 yr old moving.

Saturday was an interesting day. We spent the bulk of the afternoon at our community pool which neither of us knew about prior to this weekend. What a great place for a family. Lushie and Bella played in the sand, in the water and on the playground while I got to lay back in the pool while soaking up the sun and listening to music with laps shortly following. I have to give a lot of credit to the community for putting this place together. Clean, large and not only very family friendly but also adult friendly. I may have to hit some night time swims after work. My joints felt like a million dollars.

Late Saturday we came back to the house after hopefully tiring Bella out so she would nap. This would be when I had my first experience with Noggin, the Latina Whore (as BurghBaby so lovingly calls her) known as Dora and her pimp Diego. I’m not a fan of making the TV a babysitter for a kid (ahhh the 80’s were great for that) but I do think that, like everything else in life, moderation is good. Personally I found Dora annoying as hell but Bella likes her so I sat back and watched.

Sunday morning we packed up the car and headed to Erie so Bella could see the beach for the first time. The weather all week long was positive and wouldn’t you know it, Sunday turned into a 60% chance of rain. We decide to make the trip up anyways and meet up with the rest of my family who already was up for the weekend.

We’re 30 minutes into our stay at Presque Isle, my brother has dogs on the grill and the day seemed to be going great until Mr. park ranger showed up with some troubling news.

A storm had formed over Lake Erie and was being pushed down from Canada. Per the Life Guard Weather Center Doppler Radar it was big, red and due within the hour. He also suggested that we pack up and get the funk out while we can because it’ll be the end of the world. We oblige and as we’re about to leave the winds kick up and the monsoon hits. Trees are falling down, people are driving like morons and Bella kept saying “WHOA”! I can only image how cool it must have appeared to her.

We head back to my moms and spend a few hours visiting before heading back to Pittsburgh. It was a fast but eventful weekend. Anytime we get to watch the little squirt though it’s a good time.