Rust Belt Bloggers, late night editing, trivia master and reunions

You’d think after a bloggers conference that I would be all gung ho about recapping everything that happened, the people I met and afterthoughts. Yeah well life decided that it was going to step in and put the kabash to that plan. Since it’s been over a week I’ll do a brief recap.

Rust Belt Bloggers
The meet and greet was Friday (7/11) at the BrewErie. It was a good icebreaker to hang out over fine craft beverages with Dale Hannah, Jim Russell, Chris Briem, Michael Mahler, Locobone and Justin. Saturday was the main event and in addition to the Friday night crew, we were joined by  Phil Kidd, Janko and Hunter Morrison (Center for Urban and Regional Studies at Youngstown State University) from Youngstown and our Pittsburgh blogger in podcamp crime, Cindy. Most of the meeting was giving our introductions and a brief overview of who we are, our backgrounds and what we’re looking to accomplish. I was hoping that Erie would have had more of a presence since they played host but I also understand people were called away for the weekend. eh, it’s the first one, they have time to redeem 🙂

The surprise of the summit for me was the pitch thrown out by Youngstown. Yeah I know, you’re thinking “wtf, Youngstown? Isn’t that a haven for mobsters“. That was my thinking also until I talked to these guys. I was 100% sold that I need to get up there and check things out. The youth movement (40 and under) have taken over the city and it’s now a hot bed of untapped resources to make a viable force. Did I mention they’re opening a new brewery too 🙂 Listening to how passionate they are about Y-town I was ready to go that day. Again, that is saying A LOT for me!

Overall I think this was a great starting point for those of us in the Rust Belt to get moving forward (and… DRINK). The key item is that it doesn’t turn into another “yeah, we had this idea once” and then bask in the gloriousness of that weekend. It did show me that I have an interest in redevelopment, just a matter of finding out how to use my skills to be effective.

Sunday (7/13) was an interesting day. My brother and I (pictured above) went to our grade school 50th anniversary reunion. I haven’t been in the school for at least 10 years so it was entertaining to walk around with my bro and his friends while talking about memories. I think what amazed us more was the fact the nuns were still teaching there. Some of the same ones that my bro had in 1972 and I had in 1990 were still spreading the word. The only other person from my class was Wendy who helped organize the event. We may have to go track down some folk and crack skulls.

Crazy insane editing
My company had it’s yearly internal fair to show employees what all is going on with the company and host demos so we can see our products in action. To me this an enjoyable and educational event as there is always something new I get to play with.

3 days before the event I was recruited to film interviews with 10-15 people talking about a certain product. Filming started Monday and ended Tuesday at 2pm. As luck would have it I came in at 7am Wednesday and my encoder blew up as I’m trying to edit, leaving me at work until 8pm. Thankfully SIDT Studio A was open at 11pm so I sweet talked sickpuppy with craft beer to let me come over and edit. Around 5am we wrap up and I take a 15 minute nap on his couch before heading back into work. I handed over the video at 8am and took a much needed afternoon off to sleep. The feedback on the video was incredibly positive so I’ll be pushing to do this more often. I was considering throwing it up on You Tube but there’s that whole internal only thing. Now about getting that new equipment…

The weekend that was
I stayed offline as much as i could, went out to eat a few times, built some kickass kitchen trashcan hider thing, drove to Grove City Outlets and North Country Brewing, dominated a game of Trivial Pursuit and completed my first week of classes.


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