Sunday Dinner

Every week I look forward to Sunday dinner at my house. We don’t go out to a restaurant but instead have fun with food in our own kitchen. Lushie and I will use this time to try a new dish or recipe and then spend the day making it. It’s a great way for us to do something together since we’re always hella busy during the week to spend enough quality time together. The meals are rarely a greasy/fatty dish and is usually very healthy eating. As an added bonus this also gives me time to work on my beer/food pairing.

Yesterday was a sweet and spicy day in our kitchen and also a BBQ lovers wet dream on Food Network (which we finally have in HD now! woohoo!) as all day it aired grilling and BBQ specials. Lushie made a trip to Giant Eagle and picked up a piece of salmon, 1 strip steak and shrimp since the area we live lacks a serious meat/seafood place that isn’t a chain. Plus side to the meal was that we had fresh squash and corn left over from our latest Good Apples order.

I marinated the steak for 3-4 hours with a new concoction I picked up from Trader Joe’s called Soyaki. It’s a mix of soy, teriyaki, garlic, sesame seeds and ginger which blew my palette away with oriental goodness. Another fun thing I picked up were reusable aluminum sheets from Lowes to put over the grill so veggies and smaller items wouldn’t fall through. Yeah these have been around for awhile but this one is very easy to clean and extremely flexible should you need to wrap it around something large you need to contain.

The corn was given a brisk butter shower, wrapped in foil and placed over the flames first. Usually takes about 20-25 minutes for it to cook the way we like it.  Hands down the best grilling corn we’ve had over the last year came from Good Apples. Steak and squash came on next with a light salt & pepper seasoning followed by the salmon in foil. These usually take 15-20 minutes but honestly depends on the thickness of the cuts. I also know how my grill burns so you can’t always use traditional timing methods. As the food was just about done we seasoned the shrimp with my new favorite accessory, Old Bay.

The final 2 additions some baked beans (had a craving, maybe I’m pregnant) and a sweet and spicy slaw dish (pic) that Lushie whipped up. She had the base for the slaw written down and decided to change it up a bit to fit our taste. The end result was a mild sweetness with a spicy back end. We’ll talk later about posting recipes.

So how did the food turn out? As you can see with the picture above presentation was not a concern of ours. The marinade made the steak one of the tenderest pieces of meat I have ever grilled at home plus the residuals left on it created a delicious crust of oriental bliss and didn’t have the slightest taste of char. The shrimp was fantastic (you really can’t screw that up) and the corn was juicy. The beans and slaw you also read turned out perfect. At the end of the day it was a little sweet, a little spicy and a whole lotta deliciousness.