A Steelers Fan Guide to the Stanley Cup Playoffs

(photos from the google. photoshopped by me)

It can’t go unnoticed that Penguins mania is all over Pittsburgh. As a lifelong Pens fan it’s refreshing to see people wearing something other than a Steelers jersey. If you’re not from the Pittsburgh area, a Steelers jersey is considered by many as acceptable form of clothing for ANY occasion even if it’s at a different sport’s event. After a recent walk through downtown I saw the trend start to shift as people in Pens jerseys were everywhere. Granted it is the Stanley Cup playoffs season but in the past that didn’t matter to yinzers.

Seeing this lead me to think, how is Yinzer Nation dealing with Steeler pre-pre-pre training camp news not leading broadcasts? Maybe some have seen the light that there is life outside the walls of Heinz Field. For those fans confused as to what Penguins hockey is about I’ve made this list to get you ready for the Flyers series and eventually the Stanley Cup Finals.

  • Kenny the COTTON CANDY HERE guy and TC the Beer Guy have jobs outside Steeler games. Do not get confused when you see them.
  • Pens Station is the main store for Pens swag. There is never enough room to walk around so do NOT go in after you bought that tray of nachos with double cheese.
  • Those hotties in Pens clothes are The Pens Patrol They’re the crowd motivators… we think. Honestly besides throwing t-shirts and smiling we don’t really don’t see them.
  • While you may enjoy ripping your shirt off and pouring beer over yourself while in a cheering frenzy at Steelers games, please stay dressed here.
  • Face fainting, body painting and wearing loud obnoxious clothes are perfectly acceptable. Just ask the Penguin Lady.
  • Don’t try to open the roof.
  • Average price for a beer at the arena is $8.25. A 30 back of Beast Ice at the local distributor is $14.50. Do the math for the same quality of beer. (*hopefully at the new arena they have craft beers. Pens, call me. we’ll talk*)
  • Eat like a champion – If you want loaded nachos and fries there is a stand behind the walking ramp on the South End. Want a burrito the size of your head? C level of the B32 steps i think… don’t quote me.
  • Stay in your seat or in the entrance to your section until there is a stoppage in play. If you walk while game is in play you will be hauled up to F Balcony by fans and tossed off. Frankly this should be a rule in all sports. ESPECIALLY Pirates games.
  • We have a mascot who is a Penguin, We love Iceburgh and will defend him to the end. Plus he’s no where near as freaky as that Steely guy.
  • Cleveland to you is Philadelphia to us.
  • If you don’t know what is going on that is perfectly fine but don’t compensate by yelling “SHOOT THE PUCK!”, “HIT HIM!” or “DO SOMETHING”.
  • There are 4 lines in hockey just as you swap players on the field. Sidney Crosby won’t play a full 60 minutes. Don’t worry, you won’t even notice.
  • The Stanley Cup is the most celebrated trophy in sports. Each member of the winning team gets to spend a day with it and the stories are legendary. It’s also the most accessible trophy to the public and like hockey fans, knows how to party.
  • Gary Roberts strikes fear in death. nuff said.

There you go. Anyone else feel free to add to this list. Most importantly enjoy the game.


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12 Replies to “A Steelers Fan Guide to the Stanley Cup Playoffs”

  1. You are now my hero. Hands down. These observations are golden rules to hockey fans regardless of the team. I wonder if we could get people to sign agreements before entering the arenas…

    ok yeah, that won’t work, but I can hope!

  2. This is GREAT! My favorite line “If you don’t know what is going on that is perfectly fine but don’t compensate by yelling “SHOOT THE PUCK!”, “HIT HIM!” or “DO SOMETHING”. ” … I could use that on a good friend of mine so much that it hurts.

  3. You forgot one:

    * Do not repeatedly ask the person sitting next to you questions like: “Who’s #87?” “Where is that guy that’s from Pittsburgh?” “Where’s that Jordan guy?” or “Who’s Geno?” Just shut up and watch the game. (I might be speaking directly to the guy that was sitting next to me last Friday.)

  4. Pens fans DO appreciate Steeler fans getting interested and attending home games (as long as you follow the rules above).

    But please do us a favor and show them some respect by NOT wearing any Steeler laundry.

    Wear anything else to the gate…. and as soon as you get inside the Igloo, buy (at least ) an inexpensive Pens T-shirt and change in the restroom.

    No offense, but OUR colors are black and VEGAS gold. And those things our team wears aren’t called a jersey…they are called sweaters in hockey parlance!

    PS: Don’t even attempt to pronounce the players names until you know how!

  5. Awesome article!
    Thanks for the info
    I promise to not make any of those “Faux pas” If I can ever get to a Pens Game! (and trust me readers, I WANT to go to a Pens game!)

  6. I just think you need to know that this link was posted by one of the ladies over at the Pensblog in the comments section. You’re now an Internet Hero…not that weren’t before, but you’re all that more legitimate.

    By the way, the Burrito/Awesome Nachos stand or whatever is just outside the concourse entrance to Section C-12-13-14 or something like that. Not too far from PenStation. Leave it to the fat kid to tell you that.

    My work here is finished. Smack yourself…you pagan.

    Question: Was Gerry Masi the Cathedral Prep version of Gary Roberts? Or would that have been Mr. Scharrer? I say it was Masi because he once caught a couple of kids having a paper-ball fight and made them both eat an entire sheet of paper.

  7. This is absolutely wonderful and I would like to pass it out at all home games! The only one that I would add is that regardless of how the Pens are playing you do not Boo, yell, or otherwise speak poorly of the home team. Prime example was the guy in the row behind me at Sundays game after Richards scored the shorthanded goal – complete jobber.

  8. This post is, as Pittgirl would say, church.

    I happened to be at Game 2 on Sunday. The people next to me entered in the second period during play (why the people on the end of the aisle let them in is beyond me). The guy in front of me stood up at least once per shift (no exaggeration) and seemed not to notice people yelling at him to sit down.

    And in the parking lot after the game, I heard some moron – not the dude from my section – say “My section was totally lame…they kept telling me to sit down during the game. IT’S THE PLAYOFFS!”

    Clearly not hockey fans.

    I have no objection to casual or bandwagon fans. The additional revenue is good for the Pens. But I cannot stand people who come in and refuse to adhere to hockey etiquette.

  9. First off thanks everyone for the replies. For whatever reason WordPress didn’t even notify me that these were here so I need to look into that. to make sure I don’t leave anyone out…

    TheJim – Thanks coach! You sir are an inspiration to sports bloggers in this fine city.

    BlacknGold66 – I actually have a season ticket holder who sits in front of me (and has for 7 years) who shouts “DO SOMETHING!!!” Drives us all nuts. He may be thrown from F-Balcony

    Burgh Baby – I have an older lady who sits by me once in awhile and has done that all season. I dont know if it’s so she can seem interested with her kid but goddamn enough already.

    Seek – absolutely agree! You’d think that people who could pronounce Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala would be able to say Pascal Dupuis.

    Steeler_Tom – You can always join the faithful outside the area! Same rules apply there also 🙂

    Stoosh – So you don’t reply to my emails but you’ll comment on my blog. Fr. Larry would like to have a word with you! I’m almost done with editing the video and man you’re gonna laugh your ass off. Masi was Mark McGuire. Mr. Scharrer’s legend is that of Gary Roberts though I’d take Fr. Mac in a throwdown.

    BB – It’s OK to voice frustration (or as we say in F2, when someone “gonch’d it”) but yeah I’m not for the booing.

    Pensgirl – see, people need to learn the rules for watching hockey!

    Seriously, thanks everyone for the comments. I’ve been hella busy to actually keep up with my blog posts the last few weeks so thanks for stoppin by.

    GO PENS!

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