Fast Food Fish Friday – week 6 – Long John Silvers


There you have it, possibly the last of the Fast Food Fish Friday unless I can sneak one more in for Good Friday. Frankly I’m sick of fish by this point so I found it only fitting that I would end my adventure to a place known for fish, Long John Silvers.

You may recall that my first trip ever to LJS was this past Ash Wednesday and also the first time seeing “Dave”. Well Dave wasn’t here this time but surprisingly I get emails telling me they’ve seen him and to prove to you that he does exist, here’s a pic that was sent to me from the Strom Huelsman Podcast of Dave in action. Dave is a pimpdawg.

Now, your sammich… the bun is exactly what you would expect of McDonalds. Sesame seed bun. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me to find out they’re in bed together doing the nasty. The lettuce was shredded whichI was fine with because it was fresh and crisp and even the tartar sauce was a nice creamy flavor but the fish… SWEET JESUS was it good. I don’t know what batter they use but this was one awesome ass piece of fish. Yes, awesome ass. I snapped a piece of the deep fried cripsy goodness off and could tell that I had finally found my winner. Now because of the options that Sheetz offers I can’t say that it surpassed it so I’ll nail this one down as an A and 1/2 +. The fish was better quality but the overall sandwich experience was much better with Sheetz. Now if you don’t have a Sheetz by you then go to LJS.

Oh yeah, the buttered lobster bites are still hella insanely good.

Long John Silvers website

I’m taking this to video for Lent 2009.

Next Friday, if I don’t do fish, will be a special video treat for the holiday.


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10 Replies to “Fast Food Fish Friday – week 6 – Long John Silvers”

  1. That looks like the perfect piece of deep fried haddock or cod. LJS does do fish & chips like it’s supposed to be done. Now you’ve gone and made me hungry. I may have to hit Ye Old Ship this weekend for fish & chips and a pint of Fullers. Watching you eat fish sandwiches every Friday has been murder.

  2. Let me tell ya Phil, that was a great way to go out. Still debating if I’ll be able to get one more in on Good Friday. thanks for the package btw! Contents were all in one piece 🙂

  3. the outlet at mid valley should be SHUT down immediately. we had eaten at Sunway Pyramid before, but the grilled fish today tasted FISHY (cannot even tell what fish – haddock@#@##$$%??), the shrimps extremely browned with “god knows what flour / powder / batter, the chicken tasteless and dry. The black pepper sauce tasted like from the kedai runcit bottle and the mushroom soup from a can somewhere long forgotten…. The soup was served in a melamine “rice bowl” with a metal spoon already in the bowl. The best is yet to come – the poor waiter actually delivered the food one at a time with bare hands – no tray, no smile… omigosh what is happening – even mcdonald & roadside mamak do a better job……

  4. That fish sandwich you’ve got there is absolutely mouth-watering.
    I’m sure you don’t believe me, but I love Long John Silver’s more than air.
    I am serious. I would trade both my lungs and my land legs any day to go on a Deep Sea Long John’s Silver Expedition.

  5. hahaha Brent that’s funny. LOVE the site. You sir, are a madman. My wife opened my eyes to LJS and I thank her for that. I absolutely HATED fish but goddamn I have had some fantastic meals there and absolutely love the lobster bites.

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