Hump Day Happiness 6: Brother David’s Belgian-style Double Ale


I usually catch hell for this but I’m not a huge Belgian fan. Some purists say it’s a sin while I say I’d rather have a double IPA any day. BUT I am trying to broaden my horizons with this blog so no style is ever off limits. I’m naming my reviews Hump Day Happiness. I checked back and saw that I have done 5 overall reviews so this is 6. I’ll make a page to index these later.

What exactly is a Belgian Dubbel? Double? wtf?
It’s a high malt beer with a bit of spice and mild hops that you’ll find anywhere from 7-9% ABV. This wouldn’t be a bad starter for someone getting into Belgians who don’t care for a intense sweet taste.

Brother David’s is brewed by Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville, CA and is celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year. What impressed me before I sampled their beers was that they boast to be a Solar Powered Brewery on their website. I’ve had a few of their other beverages at 3 sons and quite honestly wasn’t all that impressed. But hey, I’m all for revisiting for my readers. The following is not something I have had before so let’s get our drink on!

The Review
Brother David’s Belgian-style Double Ale (9% ABV 220z) poured a reddish brown and the head was quick to dissipate to a creamy crown. The aroma seemed like stale malt which is the nicest way I can put it. It was able to maintain a medium body on the tongue and the overall taste reminds me of an outdated toffee bar or a handful of dried fruit. It will consume your palette so unless you’re drinking something else I suggest cleaning it asap.

I usually don’t bother to address the bottle caps. This one… the dreaded wax covering. Well by chance I had my foil cutter from Lushie’s wine collection close to me so I used that to cut away the mess. Kudos to Anderson for putting an effort into interesting cap design. Once the wax was gone, not only did I find out it was Solar Powered but if you scrape off the inside cap liner it read “One a day is all we ask” and then the company website. Thumbs up for nebby people like me.

It’s decent for $6.25 a bomber bottle but would I order this again? Not unless you were buying.

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3 Replies to “Hump Day Happiness 6: Brother David’s Belgian-style Double Ale”

  1. I had a bottle of this last Spring and enjoyed the hell out of it. Anderson Valley makes some very good beers (their Hop Otten IPA being one of my favorite IPAs all around) but both this Dubbel and their Tripel are first rate American craft brew versions of classic Belgian styles.

    Kudos on the overripe fruit flavors. That’s exactly what I got from Brother David, and exactly how I described it. In all of the good Belgian Dubbels that I’ve tasted (Achouffe being the most noteworthy) the presence of overly ripe prunes is probably the most dominant characteristic. And when that’s there, it’s all over for me. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Phil! You could be right and it’s just part of the style. I’ll keep this in mind as I try others and their Triple in upcoming weeks.


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