Yer all a bunch of winers n’at.


People who find out I’m from Erie are amazed at 3 thing I don’t do which I guess others they’ve met do. 1) I don’t hunt 2) I hate fishing 3) I rarely drink wine. I bring up the third because of a piece that was on ErieBlogs this morning.

The Chautauqua-Lake Erie Wine Trail is 40 miles of the largest grape growing region east of the Rockies. It stretches from Silver Creek, NY to North East, Pa and in 2008 will house 21 commercial and estate wineries. You heard me… TWENTY ONE! That’s vino people!

Why this amazes me so is because when I lived in Erie 10 years ago there were only 2-3 that I knew of. Granted I’ve never been a wine snob but I knew where to find places with alcohol. The only one on the list that I recall going to is Heritage Wine in North East. Heritage always made a stellar product and would fit into the “If I did drink wine, it would be theirs.”

The website,, is filled with info on the wineries, places to stay and even organized tours you can take. Looks like a fun time for the wine drinkers so check it out. Being a craft beer guy I’m even thinking about going. That should tell you something right there!


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