Steel City Big Pour – Best Beer Fest EVER


Oh damn I’ve been waiting to blog about this. My week has been swamped since I finish up classes for this semester on Saturday. Enough excuses, time for the review!

Another reason why I had waited on this is due to the fact we had to finish up editing EP26 Steel City Big Pour for release yesterday. I swear every show there is more and more work to do online. I don’t mind as long as you keep on listening 🙂

First off I want to say that of all of the beerfests I’ve been to in my day this one was… *AHEM* THE BEST ONE EVER! Yes, I have no problem slapping that label on it. I’m confident. The people at Construction Junction did an absolutely fantastic job of throwing this event. Unlike other beer events I’ve attended this one wasn’t boring aesthetically. Vibrant colors, amazing decorated kegerators, live band that wasn’t old men playing drinking songs, various food booths set up by local vendors, live art being created out of scrap metal. The warehouse wasn’t crammed and was perfectly vented unlike previous elbow to elbow events around town. Honestly, if you come up and ask me about this I’ll rave for hours.

Now for the beer. What you think I’m REALLY going to talk about it? Listen to the damn show you slacker! I will say this, I did have my favorite Pittsburgh beer. I did not have one bad beer. I met some great people and SIDT was interviewed by Mike Pound, The Beer Guy, from Go Magazine which should hit shelves in early October. Want an autographed copy? Heh yeah, doesn’t everyone 🙂  Just find me at the bar and bring a sharpie. I’ll even draw for you.  Mike was a very cool guy and I can see all of us sharing more fine craft beverages in the future.

Photos from the Steel City Big Pour

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