Post Gazette drops the ball on BACN

In today’s Post Gazette Tim Grant writes about BACN. Needless to say I did a better job than this guy. It was coined IN PITTSBURGH! Do you think he interviewed anyone remotely involved with it? Hell naw. Marketing experts and random folk everywhere but HERE! This is a prime example as to why I don’t read the PG anymore. The reporting is oblivious to anything local unless someone slaps them in the head with a brick and shouts “Hey! over here!”

Really PG, I expected more out of you. Maybe that was the problem to start with.

**UPDATE 3:33pm EST **
I love my blog. I got to vent like I did above and got it out of my system. I wrote Tim an email after I chilled out and voiced my displeasure with the exclusion of Pittsburghers in the article and also offered him the opportunity to talk to those of us new media creators and find out more about what it is we do and why Pittsburgh is one of the most popular cities in this country for it.

**UPDATE 4:15pm EST**
Tim replied…

Douglas — I can certainly appreciate your disappointment in not seeing local quotes on a worldwide story that originated right here. For that, I apologize. But understand that I was working with limited space to write an article explaining this new term to a general newspaper audience. We did mention that the term Bacn originated at The Pittsburgh Art Institute. But any more detail would have veered the story off course and put me over my space limit. I hope to readdress the issue in more detail in the future. But thanks for your input and for taking the time to consider my response. Tim

Tim Grant
Staff Writer
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Tim, you completely missed my point.  Your story was more about SPAM and identity theft. You used BACN but have no idea what it’s about. You found a buzz word and ran with it. Any of those other sources from other cities could have been removed. Ya dropped the ball buddy. Thanks for giving Pittsburgh the support *smirk*

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