Red Star Brewery


Yesterday I had business in Greensburg to take care of. I knew that I would be finished around dinnertime so I hit Twitter asking if anyone had suggestions for a place to go. Most of them knowing my love of craft beer directed me to Red Star Brewery in Greensburg. First of all this place was a bitch to get to. No one in the blessed town could give me directions that didn’t involve an old landmark or someone’s house.

From first appearance this place looked incredible. The brewery is in an old train station erected in 1910. There are historical pictures outside of the building back then and nothing has honestly changed… well besides the fact there is a brewery there now. I made it in around 4pm and took a seat at the bar. Forgetting that it was Friday I couldn’t figure out why there were only a few people there. Dave, the bartender, was very knowledgeable about the beers they brew and showed me the sampler they serve. I couldn’t resist so I ordered one. Here are the beverages I sampled. I’m not going to give you a full review because I’m saving that for a future podcast. Road trippin seems to be our thing now.

1) Quench: American Wheat (4.1 ABV)
2) Munich Helles: Light Beer, German Style (5.6 ABV)
3) Hefeweizen (5.4 ABV)
4) Golden Strawberry Ale (4.7 ABV)
5) Lambic Framboise (4.7 ABV)
6) Harbortown Ale: English Pale Ale ( 4.4 ABV)
7) Canvasback: APA (5.2 ABV)
8) Derailed: Imperial Stout (8.8 ABV)

Now the food. The menu is pricey so come with a few more dollars than you would to say, Fat Heads. The quality of food though was absolutely worth it! I started with BBQ peppers. After Dave told me what was in them I had to swear that it didn’t leave the restaurant. I can say it is wrapped in bacon and is covered in cheese. The stuffing is the delicious mystery. For an entree I ordered the Brewer’s Burger. Half-pound burger cooked to your specifications, glazed with bbq sauce, mounded with bacon, swiss, cheddar, red star o­nions, o­n Kaiser.

I’d suggest a different roll since mine kept falling apart but overall one of best burgers I’ve had in awhile. The Red Star Onions were a bit much but by the end I couldn’t stop soakin up the bbq sauce with them.

Overall I LOVED this place and would absolutely drive back for a dinner there or to take some friends who want to get out of the Burgh for a bit. It’s less than an hour away and worth every mile of the drive.

Here are some pictures I took with my cameraphone.

You can visit their website at

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