Rockin the Labor Day Holiday!


I spent the holiday weekend just like I wanted. I wasn’t online. In fact I may take this weekend off also. I know, I’m a rebel. *ha* Friday night was filled with watching Big Love Season 1 on DVD. Saturday Heather and I went to our cell carrier to pick up a Bluetooth headset. She’s been dying for one so I broke down and picked one up. Nothing quite like dealing with an arrogant sales associate. Later that evening I went to Griff’s for dinner and to have a guy’s night. I always look forward to these. Kickin back with great food and great beer. This evening we had (pictured above) 2 pounds of jumbo fresh shrimp, 4 lobster tails and 2 1.5 inch Delmonico steaks from Wholey’s; fine cigars and a case of Erie Brewing Maibock. We watched Smoking Aces (KILLER movie) and 300! I think it was somewhere around 4pm when we finally crashed.

Sunday the weather was perfect but I had homework to do. Knowing that I had the rest of the day to blow off I got that done early and chilled on the couch with a perfect breeze blowing in. Heather started on her painting project of restoring some old dressers we have. Monday it was my list of chores. Finished that up around 5pm so I would have time to go record another episode of my podcast. It was an eventful weekend as I’m sure this one will be also.

What did you do for the holiday?