Almost in the homestretch!

Every day for the last 10 days we’re hauled boxes or did some form of work on the new place. Tonight won’t be any different but this weekend will be. We’re about a week ahead of schedule so that means we’re packing up as much as possible to meet our 8/15 deadline of officially being done with our current residence. I know that once the dust has settled and boxes have been trashed we’ll be able to relax for a day. August is an insane month for me.
1) Finish moving
2) thesis due for my multimedia class
3) Podcamp Pittsburgh
4) campaigning to win a Podcast Award
5) starting a new class at school
6) planning the schedule for live shows we’re going to record
7) finish redesigning 2 sites I have, possibly 3.

September is already starting to book up with NHL training camp, brew fests and recording shows so request an appointment now!

Enough already with the emotionally unstable reality TV stars.

The last 3 shows I’ve followed have shown a serious issue that I’ve brought up in the past.

  1. Hell’s Kitchen
  2. The Next Food Network Star
  3. Big Brother 8

It’s too the point where these are almost unwatchable and I’ll tell you why.

1) Hell’s Kitchen – Besides this show being an absolute joke and insult to anyone in the culinary profession, Chef Ramsay is someone who yells because he’s an aggressive jerk who feeds off of fear. That’s what sells this show though, not his cooking skills. I don’t care what his reputation is, he has never showed his skills.

The Crying FactorAaron spent every episode he was on crying because of the pressure. Because no one was there to give him a hug or say it would be alright. Bonnie’s feelings are hurt every show because, well she flat out sucks at cooking for more than 2 people and can’t take criticism. You want to run a restaurant from this show you shouldn’t still be “learning”.

2) The Next Food Network Star – My buddy Phil has a great rant about this (and Hell’s Kitchen) in his latest Episode of My Life as a Foodie. Food Network has jumped the shark. Now I can’t pinpoint when exactly but this show is a perfect example of “Know when to say when”. I will give credit to Alton Brown and Bobby Flay for visibly showing their irritation at every screwup and not being afraid to call people out.

The Crying Factor – Each week someone was brought to tears. Even the manly men of Michael and hot tempered JAG had a cry fest while the Amy had a complete breakdown and said she was quitting multiple times. Finally quitting she decided to stay 15 seconds after quitting and ends up winning because JAG lied about his background. Ah the power of the internet. If Rory would have won I’d have to ask my cable company to block it from my box.

3) Big Brother 8 – 11 people picked to live in a house for the summer… yada yada yada. If someone doesn’t get rid of Jen I don’t think I’ll be able to handle another week of this show. She is by far the dumbest human being ever to be on television and is a prime example of why we should worry as a society because I know plenty of others just like her. Watch one episode and you’ll see why the JENsa member needs to be put out to pasture. While we’re at it, take like, oh mah gawd! Jessica with you. This house is a good collection/representation of the social issues people have today.

The Crying Factor – I’m afraid to see how Amber handles her children. She cries over EVERYTHING. She was nominated… she cried because Kail should have that bond of being a mother with her. She cries because someone else is upset. She cries because the sky is blue. She cries because of SLOP. She cries because she can’t do anything else. There can be a whole hour long show to her crying! There’s that much material and I’m sure more on the cutting room floor. Danielle, you’re attractive I guess but after the last few shows your boyfriend will either leave you (or has left) or will stay (because you’re still eye candy) and not care what Nick guy does. I can see why she’s an emotional wreck from bringing this on herself.

I need a vacation from the weekend


I’ve been negligent from updating on here because of a hella busy schedule.  Friday night was my company’s outing at PNC Park. I organized the event which sold over 100 tickets. The weather was perfect, the game was decent and the fireworks… eh, I’ve seen better.  It seemed like everyone had a good time and I haven’t received any hate mail yet.

Saturday my good bud from back home, Mario, and his family came to town for the weekend. We met up at the Pittsburgh Zoo and brought our cousin Bella (pictured above sleeping) with us. 5 hours with 4 kids in the sun is tiring. Stop right there for anyone thinking “welcome to my world”. We don’t have kids so I can say it 🙂 The highlight for me was the Penguins. I could sit there for hours watching those guys. The new Polar Bear exhibit was pretty cool and the glass lined tunnel so they can swim over you (just like the commercial) was impressive.  While by the shark tank a scuba diver came down and unrolled a message. Someone named Elizabeth was getting engaged right before us.  Nice move buddy! She said yes.  We ended the day at Primanti’s in Harmar before heading home.  It’s always good to have friends visit!

Sunday was a working day at the new place. I spent several hours fighting with contact paper while Heather washed down the walls. Yeah I know they cleaned before we could come in but we needed to do a few touch ups.  We can start moving in boxes shortly and man I can’t wait to get this over with!

If I were a Simpson…

I think that’s a good look for me!  Go to and upload your picture.  I’ve had a blast with it so far this morning and yeah, that looks like me 🙂   I may have to make some avatars for the podcasts with this!

Roadtrip to Erie and back in 8 hours.

Yesterday, after all that went on in the morning with my brother-in-law,  my brother and I drive up to Erie for a quick 8 hour trip.  Dad’s stone (above) came in so we drove up to help mom plant some small shrubs by it.  We’re really impressed with the final product and how the stone stands out when you see it from the road. Still hard for me to believe that it’s been 7 months already.

Afterwards  the 3 of us went to Rum Runners on Lake Erie for dinner.  The last time I was at this place was 10 years ago and I remember that myself and some friends were all about to hook up with this group of girls when we were asked to leave because one of the other idiots started with a bouncer so I just never went back. ( *ok, there maybe more to that story but that’s all you need to know 🙂 *) It’s alright for a bar by the lake. The food was good but the service was bad. I’m pretty patient when I see a our server busy but the girl we had would just disappear.  Yeah you’re hot but that doesn’t make up for the fact I’m thirst/hungry. Other tables (with different servers) were having the same issue.

The saving grace was the view of the sunset that you can see here. Besides a few friends and family, this is what I miss most about the place.  When I lived in Erie I wasn’t interested in the beauty of the lake but just being 21 and drinking.  The 3 of us kicked back and sucked the atmosphere in. I’ll admit, I was homesick until some drunk locals next to us started being jerks and I remembered why I only visit.

The bro and I headed back and after dropping me off at work to get my car I pulled into home about 1am.  My ass is draggin today since I’m moving to a new office.  It’s fun to be able to take trips like this but goddamn I’m tired.