It really ties the room together

April 14th, 2014 3 comments

Hardwood Floor

This past weekend we started the first major repair/upgrade/HolyCrapThisAnnoysMeLetsKillIt project since we bought the house almost 4 years ago. At the time we were the gung-ho new owner “LETS RIP THIS PLACE APART AND MAKE IT OUR HIPSTER HAVEN! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” and then the day after closing we found out kiddo #2 was on the way and we turned into “Oh crud, we need to build a nursery!” people.

The carpeting in our house has been an issue since day one. We could deal with the color but the previous owner had a cat that peed everywhere. It’s a funk that you can cover up when showing the property but once that summer heat hits we’d get the aromatic reminder of why we don’t own pets. A couple of weeks ago my wife, with tax return in hand, got the bug up her rear that this needs to happen and now. Went to Remnant City, picked out the area rug we wanted and made the commitment.

When it comes to handyman work I’m a total n00b. My father passed away years ago so I never got to tap into that homeowner wisdom of his plus when I helped him around the house I didn’t pay attention. Seriously, I’d zone out and think of Andrea on 90210 or wish I was listening to the radio. I could call others in my family for advice but it’ll end in “Don’t you have the internet, Mr. web guy?”. It was tearing up carpet so how hard could this be? Yeah, famous last words.

With the kids spending the day with their Uncle Bob we had a limited window to get the job done and I’m glad to say everything went as planned. Well, sort of.

It’s no secret the frustration we’ve had discovering the numerous half assed things that were done to our house before we moved in. We prepared for the worse and ended up with a nice surprise. When we ripped the carpet up we discovered hardwood floors that can be restored with a little work. Immediately I texted a pic to the father in law who said the splattered paint can be cleaned up and we can sand the floor down to start restoring it. The biggest pain in the butt was pulling up the boards and staples and getting the actual carpet out of the house. I pity the garbage men this week when they have to toss that thing.

I’m excited. I haven’t looked forward to doing much to this house because we were installing baby gates instead of molding and flooring and that was a motivation slayer. Now I see the potential in our property that my wife apparently always did and I get the shakes wanting to make a major Home Depot run. I don’t want to stop! I want to keep on working but thankfully my wife is there to remind me I kinda need a job to buy the supplies.

*pshhhaw* minor details I say!

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When hashtags go bad. CBS and the Mom fail.

March 25th, 2014 2 comments

CBS Mom Hashtag

Hashtags are a gateway to go beyond the traditional television experience. I’m not usually tethered to my phone during programming, unless it’s reality TV (Big Brother is my crack), but when I see a tag that’s relevant I’ll check it out. I can consume additional content Dallas provides, enter contests from Duck Dynasty, or feel like I’m a part of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I’m a fan of anyone who uses hashtags right and last night, CBS failed big time.

The kids crashed early so my wife and I were able to check out programming we usually miss due to bed times. I’ve seen ads for the show “Mom” but admit to never watching an episode so as a hashtag junkie I jumped at the chance to see what others were saying about the show when #Mom appeared.

Instead of finding people talking about Anna Faris or the episode, my feed blew up with posts about porn. I revisited the feed this morning and it’s more of the same.

When you’re going to use a hashtag there are a few things you need to answer:

  1. Is it unique to me or my event?
    Website urls and social accounts should never be dated. Your hashtag can be.
  2. Is my brand mentioned in the tag?
    Get your name in the tag if possible.
  3. Is anyone else using this tag?
    As we see with CBS, there are a lot of people talking about moms. You may find out someone else already thought up your tag and not for the same purpose you have.
  4. Do my fans already have a viral tag?
    When I was asked to come up with a tag for a sports team I had a whiteboard with possibilities. I turned to watching conversations with Hootsuite and saw the fans already united under one tag.
  5. What are alternative ways this can be used?
    When your hashtag becomes a bashtag. Ask McDonalds.
  6. Brevity is key. Is it short and to the point?
    Keep character count in mind. Your hashtag plus, if on Twitter, the RT factor (RT+@username)

It’s one thing to get your hashtag hijacked by knuckleheads and spambots but to use one that is already a buffet of sex posts is pretty bad.

My question is, why not use #CBSmom?

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Mother Nature is drunk

March 21st, 2014 No comments

Mother Nature Drunk

It was supposed to be 55F and sunny today.

This is what it’s doing right now.

Mother Nature is obviously day drinking right now and I think has earned a spot on Ya Jagoff!


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The Ghost of Mellon Arena

March 20th, 2014 No comments

Mellon Arena

I forgot I made this video until I read a post from That’s Church today about playing with Google Maps at Market Square.

I don’t know why I was checking out the new arena one day but I spun the view around of CONSOL Energy Center and discovered the Mellon Arena was still standing… and then vanished.

Seriously, check it aht!

YouTube Preview Image
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There is also a view in Erie on W.38th street where you go from summer to winter depending on which direction you’re looking. It keeps the running joke of “its always snowing in Erie” alive.

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Cooking with Beer: Pale Ale and Citrus Split Chicken Breasts

March 19th, 2014 2 comments

Pale Ale Citrus Chicken Ingredients

When Mediterranean Baby told me at the Hoppy Hours event that she makes cooking easy, even for me to do, I thought she was crazy. I can read the side of the box and figure a lot of things out from my homebrewing experience but dishes she creates on her site look so amazing that I had to get out of my comfort zone and give it a shot.

Here is the recipe for the chicken. I would post it here but I really want you to check out everything else MB has to offer. I think you’ll dig it, n’at.

Keeping to the theme of the night we met, I decided to see if I could purchase everything from the same place. I hit the Market District in Robinson and sure enough, everything in one trip, including the Great Lakes Burning River pale ale. Final total for everything was just over $20. Could have been done cheaper but I picked up the Barry Bonds sized chicken breasts.

The recipe was easy to follow, my kitchen smelled amazing when my wife came home and I made the most succulent chicken to date. I think the Burning River was a good choice because of the citrusy Cascade hops which went well with the lemon already required in the recipe, but for my taste I’d either add more Burning River or go for a bolder/bitter hop profile found in the Lake Erie Monster or Commodore Perry IPA.

Here is what the final dish looked like. One that even my picky kids had no problem tearing into.

Pale Ale Citrus Chicken

Thanks for the recipe Mediterranean Baby!

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